The Broga ambassador program is about building strong relationships within the fitness and wellbeing community and uplifting special teachers to reach their fullest potential. Broga sponsors and creates synergy with two types of ambassador:

Elite ambassador

Our elite ambassadors are leaders in the field of fitness and health. We share common values in helping to make fitter stronger and healthier people with these special people and companies. By working together we create synergy and build stronger relationships and outreach in the community.
Content creation and social media sharing
PR and media opportunities
Bursary for Broga® training
Loads of branded Broga® kit


Our mission to help build inspirational fitness leaders starts here. Broga® Master trainers each handpick a select group of teachers they feel have the untapped power within to become the next big thing. Ambassadors are personally mentored and given development opportunities to encourage personal and professional growth.
Ambassador only events and development workshops
Content creation opportunities
Personal transformation and growth mapping
Bursary for Broga® training
Loads of branded Broga® kit
Broga® Elite Ambassador

Rob Smith, a late 20s Londoner, co-runs the workplace wellbeing company, MobFit.

He loves to keep his fitness varied, throughout 2018 he competed in the Crossfit open, won his first boxing match, and completed an ultra marathon!

He is now focussing on incorporating more flexibility and mobility training into his regime and is partnering with Broga to help him on this journey.

When not exercising, Rob loves writing film, most recently releasing his first short film through his production company, Cantium Productions.

Broga® Elite Ambassador

I have always been a competitive athlete, previously being a semi-professional rugby player.

Nowadays though I love new challenges, be that animal flow, training for swim-run events or trying my hand at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I also co-run MobFit, a workplace wellness consultancy, and I love nothing more than helping office workers move their bodies better and more often!

As well as being a personal trainer, I’m a nutrition nerd, and am a qualified nutritionist. Nothing beats discovering new ingredients and combinations that not only taste great, but also fuel the body and mind for optimal performance.

Broga® Elite Ambassador

Ex professional rugby player now turned entrepreneur.

After spending 8 years as a professional athlete which unfortunately got cut short after rupturing his ACL, Adam Co-Founded Zeus Events focusing on high-end unique sporting events.

Whilst still owning the events business Adam is launching a series of children’s books Chloe and the Wolf, these books are based on his daughters adventures with her best friend the Sheba (the wolf). 

Adam’s huge passion in life is in health and fitness and is very keen in always trying to help others live a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition and now Broga.

Broga® Elite Ambassador

Former Advertising Executive, Laura left her London life and moved to Worcester to open her first yoga studio in 2015.

Laura’s goal is to empower as many people as possible. Studying to be a psychotherapist, Laura infuses psychology into her yoga classes.

Laura uses the challenge of yoga poses to help students notice their automatic thought patterns, students are then able to draw parallels with how their way of being on the mat may be affecting their life off the mat.

This understanding helps students realise how to step out of their own way and achieve their dreams – ultimate empowerment!

Laura now leads 200 hour Teacher Trainings in Worcester, as well as workshops and retreats around the world.

Broga® Elite Ambassador

Ruth is a Muay Thai fighter with multiple European and World championship titles under her (many) belts. After finally retiring from an amazing career as a professional athlete, Ruth continues to teach and share knowledge with others in Crawley.  

Only recently did Ruth discover yoga. She was immediately hooked on the benefits and after completing her Vinyasa yoga training found herself both mentally and physically transformed.  

We are proud to call Ruth a qualified Broga teacher and ambassador. She shares her infectious passion for building stronger athletes with less injury and a longer career span with her students in classes that are addictive and not to be missed.   If you are lucky enough to be in West Sussex we highly recommend you join one of her classes .

Broga® Ambassador

Coming from a yoga family, Max was doing yoga before he could walk and qualified as a teacher not long after that.

At a very young age it was clear he would be a yoga superstar. But in the folly of youth, Max was involved in a fall in 2018 from a building on his head. It left him paralysed and told he would never walk perfectly again – much less practice yoga.

He proved every doctor wrong.

Now Max teaches with a humble and sincere authenticity and appreciation to help others and it really shows in his classes. Plus this cheeky chap is incredible at breaking down egos and making things fun.

Max is licensed to teach most every style of yoga you can think of, including Broga®.

Broga® Ambassador

At 19 years old Myles is an established Personal Trainer and Swim Coach in London and Essex. His personal and detailed approach to training makes him unique amongst his peers and a favourite with his loyal clients.

There is so much potential in this young man as an athlete because of his hard working drive and motivation beyond his years. In 2019 he will compete in both the National Fitness games and in the Turf Games.  

Myles got involved with Broga as a way to reach his clients and show them how important mobility is to their over all health and performance.

He says, “ Broga has shown me a way to incorporate fitness with stretching to help achieve not only mobility goals but to leave feeling like you have also had a great workout.” And also that, “ Broga is challenging to each individual of all abilities and is inclusive to everyone. It is my job to influence more men into the world of Broga as  stereotypically yoga is still female dominant and I am here to change that perspective.”

Broga® Ambassador

Yoga is the only activity I’ve ever done where all elements of myself are challenged… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My first introduction to Yoga was through the practise of Bikram. But I swore after my first class I would never do it again….and ten years on, here I am, teaching it and always inspired by the students that travel with me on their yoga journeys when they step onto their mats. I am trained in Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Pilates and have taught in Australia, UK and the USA.

I was introduced to Broga last year and I immediately saw the impact that a combination of fitness and yoga can have on the body. It’s a fantastic combination of strength and flexibility offering an all over body workout that creates genuine results and is meticulous with alignment.   With a group fitness vibe it’s an amazing way to work all muscle groups. It’s dynamic, it’s powerful, it’s safe and above all, it’s fun! The Broga philosophy is a natural extension of all the other forms of yoga that I practise and I’m privileged and proud to call myself an Ambassador of this amazing community. Come to one of my classes at Hot Spot and Hot Yoga Wimbledon.

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