11 OCTOBER 2019


Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness 2019

As you all know it is Mental Health Awareness Week and as a Yoga fitness company, mental health is something that is important to us and very close to our heart.

23 MAY 2019


Teacher Training


Why personal trainers need Broga

For the last decades, people have primarily gone simply to look better. Burn fat. Big pecs and guns. Flat stomach and long toned legs. I know that is generalising and I too would love a flatter stomach and shapelier legs. But vanity is no longer the sole reason to pay for that monthly membership & forking our for a PT.

22 APRIL 2019



Yoga saved my life

My name is Max Munro and I’m a 22-year-old yoga teacher based from London, UK.

From a young age I wanted to be on stage, perhaps as an actor or even an acrobat. Over the years I’d found yoga to be an incredibly powerful tool to help me reach my dreams. I eventually decided to learn how to teach yoga and this was one of the best decision that I ever made!

6 MARCH 2019



Peace of Mind - Broga founder Matthew Miller tells us why yoga is just as important for men

I never got into the field of fitness because I wanted to share or show off what I had done for myself. I tell every aspiring PT or group fitness instructor I meet who asks me for advice one simple question, “why do you want get into this business?”

12 FEBRUARY 2019




Broga bedtime routine: how to optimise your sleep and recover for your next class

What’s up Brogis, there’s a lot of hype surrounding ‘morning routines’ currently isn’t there? Every time I go to download a podcast, read an article or buy a book there’s a reference to ‘creating the ideal morning routine’. They say if you master the morning you master the day… And I happen to agree with this. In fact I tried to create the perfect morning routine for years.

28 JANUARY 2019



Broga Master Trainer, Dylan Salamon, competing at World Championships of Yoga Sports 2018 in Beijing

Should yoga be competitive?

Should we push our bodies to change more rapidly?

To the majority of the yoga population, competition is seen as a very taboo subject. However, last December, I competed in the World Championships of Yoga Sports, coming 23rd in the Adult Male Category.

10 JANUARY 2019


Teacher Training

Broga® is NOT just for men: how we’re breaking down gender barriers in yoga not rebuilding them!

Broga® is just for men, right!?

This is definitely the top question asked about Broga® for those who haven’t already heard about it from a friend.  And it could not be further from the truth. 

6 JANUARY 2019


How-to Tips


Broga for downward facing dudes

Guest post by Stacey Jones, contributor to

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“Men need a form of yoga that they don’t feel intimidated by from the start,” said Matthew Miller co-founder of Broga. “But at the same time they need to feel challenged by it.”

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