6 MARCH 2019



Peace of Mind - Broga founder Matthew Miller tells us why yoga is just as important for men

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I never got into the field of fitness because I wanted to share or show off what I had done for myself. I tell every aspiring PT or group fitness instructor I meet who asks me for advice one simple question, “why do you want get into this business?”

If they answer, “financial rewards, personal freedom, working in a place I love and want to be in or getting to train and get paid for it”, I tell them to reconsider.

There is only one answer that, as a by product, will manifest all those other things. The correct answer is simply, “I am passionate about helping people.”

At the core a truly exceptional Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional is so much more than what they offer by way of physical coaching. They are inspiring, confidential, empathetic, kind, receptive, perceptive, and most of all, offer a safe space for a client to be in without judgment and always on the lookout for positives and progress. I have in the past internally referred to clients as patients, half joking but also serious, because of the different levels of treatment I was in charge of.

This puts us in an incredibly unique position to help people both physically and mentally. And it is a necessary aspect of the job since, in my opinion, the two are intertwined.

The male mental health crisis

I find it especially true with male clients as men make up 75% of suicide deaths.

How can we help?

Never underestimate the power of fitness to shape and change lives nor the impact we can have on people through fitness. There is a lot of talk right now about “men’s mental health” and “the silent crisis” but no one seems to have concrete solutions to solve it.

I am confident that as an industry we can help by becoming educated in and incorporating yoga methodology with our male clients – both on a one to one basis and also by encouraging them into group yoga classes.

Why is yoga important for men?

One of the most important beneficial factors for men needing to participate in yoga is the whole “mind body” thing. And I say this with a cheeky tone because that phrase, “mind and body” sounds a bit corny to me.

That said, there genuinely is a whole movement of men who are now starting to speak publicly about personal suffering caused by a disconnect in mental health awareness and options for treatment. And they have a genuine frustration in not knowing how to tackle this.

My opinion is that most men probably will not actively seek out professional help just because they are feeling consistently “meh” or even depressed. I think that is where the beauty of yoga lies for men especially. Yes, you get the obvious stretching and flexibility benefits, but going to a yoga class and making a detailed and controlled connection

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