• be powered by Broga

    Since 2012 we have been the pioneers in encouraging

    more men, beginners and just plain sports minded folk

    into the practice of yoga.

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    a balance of upper and lower body

    Our targeted class structure looks at the whole body, not just the lower half, not just the easy bits. A wholistic approach so you know every muscle is being targeted and not missed.

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    build as you go

    The ability for your joints to do what they were meant to do is a long process of rehabilitation. Let us be your guide on that journey using incremental steps and giving you regressions and progressions every step of the way.

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    get your sweat on!

    Workouts are non-stop with a dedicated focus on both raising your heart rate to improve cardiovascular health and using mental calmness to keep a controlled, steady rhythm of breath.

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    Powered by Broga is proud to be used in leading gyms and studios and the joint military forces to provide yoga and mobility classes for fitness minded audiences.


    Our partners depend on Broga to provide a full spectrum of yoga curriculum that will engage a wider audience, increase overall participation, and appeal to all ability levels.

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    The Broga® workouts will get you cardio fit, flexible and strong with no equipment needed.

  • certifications

    Powered by Broga is backed by

    the strongest governing bodies

    in the fitness wellbeing industry

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    sports gear

    Feel like a superhero in our custom designed moisture wicking, 4-way stretch clothing for men and women.

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