23 MAY 2019


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Broga bedtime routine: how to optimise your sleep and recover for your next class

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For the last decades, people  have primarily gone simply to look better. Burn fat. Big pecs and guns. Flat stomach and long toned legs. I know that is generalising and I too would love a flatter stomach and shapelier legs. But vanity is no longer the sole reason to pay for that monthly membership & forking our for a PT. The industry has evolved and public interest is shifting towards buzz words like  “holistic”, “functional ” and “flexible”.  People want to look good of course but they want to also feel good and have freedom with their bodies movements and ability!

The stereotypes are being smashed! Now we have people in their 50’s and 60’s wanting to train harder than their basic water-aerobics and step class. Kids in their 20’s and 30’s aren’t only interested in showing off physicality, but also ability. Sports teams and individuals constantly growing their appreciation of prehab & rehab to just just build but maintain athletes who are healthy and strong.   And men everywhere are more open to new trying new things like yoga. 

What does this  mean for group fitness instructors and personal trainers who want to stay relevant and perceived as an expert? Firstly,  that knowing how to rock out a spin class or superset shoulders isn’t enough anymore. The industry is inexorably moving towards training for longevity and performance, and for those wanting to keep up, they need to start looking for the right training.  And a working knowledge of yoga is the definitive answer. 

Men now make up 28% of yogi’s,  up from 17.8% in 2012 so this is a hugely growing market of potential. And according to IBISworld, the UK yoga industry hit £875m in 2018. So yoga in general is THE trend to be riding high on top of in the fitness world.

For those who are looking to up-skill into this area, the current qualification options available to fitness professionals predominantly fall under these brackets: 

Yoga: some variation of the 5,000 year old practice that promotes movement with breath, deep stretches and isometric holds. You either need an intensive month or around 6 months part time to qualify.   2000-5000£ investment

Mobility: found in many forms, usually including isolation of specific core muscles, slow and difficult sessions that must be done separate to training. Often a single day course or a weekend of variant levels of quality and applicability to your general audience.  100-400£ investment 

Gymnastics conditioning: highly skilled, incredibly impressive & difficult conditioning work that requires extreme discipline for slow progress that will eventually achieve some epic moves. This should take years of self practice and professional coaching, and then most certainly a college/university degree in coaching in before being able to credibly  teach.  5000£+ 

Obviously all of these hold incredible merits, however none are perfect. This is where Broga the Original Fitness Yoga fills all criteria perfectly.

Broga is a 45-90 minute mat based class, where students are taken through a series of  sequences, geared solely to increasing mobility and joint strength at a fast enough pace that your lactate and aerobic systems will also hugely benefit. Participants benefit from strengthening , stretching, cardio and all the fun bits of yoga!

And it removes the excuses that commonly keep people away from yoga.

  • Too soft
  • Boring 
  • Airy fairy
  • Not good enough to try
  • Self conscious 
  • Don’t have time with my other workouts

Broga was created, not only to be accessible to everyone, but also to benefit everyone. If you’re strong and stiff, you benefit from end range movement, if your stretchy, yet weak, then you get all the strength gains. And finally; we make inversions, arm balances and all the epic yoga movements achievable for everyone. 

Why does any of this truly matter to Personal Trainers?

The Broga teacher training is an intense 2 day course, which gives you the ability to teach classes or bring it into your client work. This not only differentiates you as a trainer, but there is also no better way to generate clients than regular classes. The online learning platform and constant updates and meet ups available to Broga teachers means you are part of a community that is constantly growing and providing work opportunities. 

We are contracted providers to Nuffield Health, David Lloyd, The RAF, Army and Royal Navy and countless independent gyms throughout the country. 

No other qualification offers so much opportunity to individuals, professionally and financially. But away from that, Broga is involved throughout the year with festivals and retreats, allowing teachers the chance to be paid to have fun. 

As we grow, we want our community to grow, soil you are interested in any way, get in contact ASAP!

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